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nulllllll !!!!

ne marche pas ! ca met met loading et ca revient a mon ecran proncipal !!! nul


Bof vraiment moyen

Fond écran iphone 5



This app is stupid. There is nothing new about any of the wallpapers. All the wallpapers are online and theres only 20 or so. Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good app for wallpapers

Size of shelving

Will not fit the screen properly

Doesnt work at all

Only crashes. Not even a single wallpaper downloaded. Every time I try, it crashes. Give me my money back

Crashes on save

I cannot save or download my lock screen it crashes every time

Has A Good Home Screen Layout Started

The app has a good layout for navigating through different categories and a decent selection started for iOS 7 home screen layouts. Just needs work on the 3D picture category. Half of them were poor quality 3D renders. But the best so far for iOS 7....

Great for iOS 7

This is a fantastic app if you are looking for cool new modern backgrounds!the preview options are great as well!!!:) great job guys!


The "dynamic" photos are just zoomed in still photos that move very awkwardly. Not at all anything like the default apple dynamic backgrounds. You will regret buying this if you do not heed this advice.

Its an alright app.

Its great! But the images need to fit the iPhone5 screen as in make a option for [ fitted or stretches ] you know. I dont do reviews at all and this app is the only one so its obviously pretty good dont take my word for it buy it the design is amazing! Worth keeping


Listen to the one star that is on here before/after mine.

I Never write reviews

I love these pictures and I have downloaded a lot of apps like this. I think it is worth every penny and its one of the best I have seen so far.

Nice wallpapers

I like the quality of the wallpapers, but wish there were more. The side category selection is really well done.

Awesome !!! :)

Love the wallpapers that Ive seen so far, and the fact that I could add txt with any color or font, thats so cool!!! :)


Great wallpaper app. Best of its game. Really has some great images.


Little app , could be sized better


The only reason Im writing a review is so u can stop popping up on the photo download

Love the wallpapers

I always am looking for a different wallpaper to dress up my iPhone 5s. And this it it love it

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